How to Set a Default Product Quantity in Gravity Forms

I recently had a Gravity Forms user ask the following question: “How can I add a “0” in the quantity field by default.” Out of … [Keep Reading]

How to Migrate from Caldera Forms to Gravity Forms

The end of Caldera Forms is quickly approaching (Dec. 31, 2021). If you use Caldera Forms you likely already know they were acquired by Ninja … [Keep Reading]

Creating a Form with an Inline Submit Button in Gravity Forms 2.5

If you’re a long time user of Gravity Forms, you know that pre version 2.5 Gravity Forms relied heavily on CSS Ready Classes. However, with … [Keep Reading]

How to display Gravity Forms confirmation messages in a popup

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How to Create Multi-Step Sales Funnel Order Forms in Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a pretty advanced tool that will enable you to create a variety of forms and with some custom code or an available … [Keep Reading]

How to Add Gravity Forms Form to Your Page in Thrive Architect

As of this writing, Thrive Theme Builder or Thrive Architect does not have a built-in element for adding a Gravity Forms form to your pages. … [Keep Reading]

Adding Payment Processing Fee to Gravity Forms Checkout

If you are using Gravity Forms to collect payment for a service or to sell a product, or to collect donations you know that the … [Keep Reading]

How to Add a Gravity Forms Form to Your Page with Beaver Builder

As of this writing, the Beaver Builder page builder does not have a built-in module for adding a Gravity Forms form to your pages. However, … [Keep Reading]

Recurring Payments with Gravity Forms and Stripe

In this tutorial I’ll walk you through how to create a basic form for collecting recurring monthly (could also be daily, weekly, or yearly) payments … [Keep Reading]

Conditional Payment Form for One-Time and Recurring Payments

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create a form with Gravity Forms that will allow your users to select between making … [Keep Reading]
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