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Limit Stripe Subscriptions to a Specified Number of Payments

Symptoms Need to create a payment plan of equal installments for a limited number of transactions using the Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On. Or you would … [Keep Reading]

Hide the Gravity Forms Banner in the WP Admin

Symptoms Since version 2.5, Gravity Forms has made a bunch of UI improvements to the WP Admin, one of which was the addition of a … [Keep Reading]

Gravity Forms Spam

Symptoms Do you get a large number of Gravity Forms spam submissions? Maybe you have reCAPTCHA or honeypot enabled and possibly you don’t have any … [Keep Reading]

Finding Your Gravity Forms Shortcode

Symptoms Are you trying to find the Gravity Forms shortcode so that you can embed your form? Maybe you’re wondering how to generate a form … [Keep Reading]

Page scrolls to the top when form is submitted

Symptoms The page scrolls to the top when your form is submitted and users have to scroll back down to the form to see the … [Keep Reading]

Using Merge Tags in Form Fields

Symptoms You want to pass the data collected in one field to another field in the same form. For example, if you want to display … [Keep Reading]

Download Gravity Forms Free

Symptoms You’ve searched for the Gravity Forms plugin from your WordPress dashboard (Plugins > Add-New) and you can’t find a download button on How … [Keep Reading]

Importing Gravity Forms Entries

Symptoms You have a CSV file that you’ve exported using the Gravity Forms plugin, but when you try to reimport those entries, you only see … [Keep Reading]

Display an Uploaded Image in Your Notifications Using Merge Tags

Symptoms If you’re using a File Upload field in your Gravity Forms form to collect an image and the {all_fields} merge tag in your form … [Keep Reading]

Include a Signature Image in Your Notifications Without Using the {all_fields} Merge Tag

Symptoms If you’re using the Gravity Forms Signature Add-On and the {all_fields} merge tag in your form notifications, the signature image will display by default. … [Keep Reading]