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Can I add a Gravity Forms form to non-WordPress site?

  |  by Chris Eggleston

While this might be possible by embedding the form using an iframe, it is not something that is directly supported by Gravity Forms. If you contact Gravity Forms support with this request, they will likely just tell you no.

Request This Feature

This topic is currently listed on the Gravity Forms Roadmap on their website. If you go to that link you can place a vote for this feature. The more votes the greater the chance the feature is added.

If Gravity Forms is provisioned to be embedded on other sites, you could ideally embed them in HTML sites, WordPress sites that do not have Gravity Forms installed, Shopify sites, and just about anywhere.

I suspect there would be some hesitation for this feature from HQ because it would open the plugin up so that someone could set up a hosted Gravity Forms solution.

Possible Solution

There is a third party plugin, that doesn’t appear to be supported anymore, it hasn’t had an update in several years, but you’re welcome to check it out here. This plugin supposedly provided the iframe you needed to embed the form in a non-WordPress site.

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