Adding Payment Processing Fee to Gravity Forms Checkout


If you are using Gravity Forms to collect payment for a service or to sell a product, or to collect donations you know that the payment processors, such as Stripe, Square, PayPal, all charge a fee. That fee is usually somewhere around 2.9% +.30.

We can’t make the fees go away, unfortunately, but if you’d like to pass that fee onto your customer or donator you can do that with a product field and a simple formula.

Setting up Your Form

First step, is to add another product field to your form. However, this field needs to be set to the Calculation field type:

Once the field is ready, you will need to add the formula below to the product field:

( {Product Field:ID} + .3 ) / (1 - .029) - {Product Field:ID}

You will need to switch out the {Product Field:ID} merge tag with your actual product field price merge tag:

Once the form is setup and saved, you will be able to pass the processing fee along to the customer.

The best part about using this specific formula is that the outcome is a perfect price split, your original product price and the processing fee, as shown in the Stripe payment details below:


What if you have multiple products?

You can add multiple products to the processing fee calculation formula. As demonstrated here:
multiple products in formula

Can you give the user the option to cover the processing fee?

Sure! If you add a radio button field to the form asking the user if they want to cover the fees and add conditional logic to the processing fee product to show/hide it depending on the users selection.

Shown here:option to cover processing fee

Need More Help?

If you still need help, feel free to use the comments or chat options below.

If you have an active Gravity Forms license, you can also open a support ticket here.

  • Hi there, how do you do this when you have multiple products? There’s no way I can find to do the calculation off a total field…

  • Hey, do you think this fee recovery solution would work with recurring donations?

    And doesn’t it require 2 different Stripe feeds, one with fees and one without?

    Referencing “How to Pass Payment Transaction Fees to the Customer” by mr. technique

    • Hi Hannah,

      You do not have to use two feeds. In the tutorial you referenced they are giving the user the option to cover the fees or not. However, you don’t technically need two feeds for that if the calculation field is conditional, it won’t be included in the form total if the conditions are not met for that field to show.

      It should work for recurring donations because you are using the Form Total as the Recurring Amount in the Stripe feed settings. That will mean that every time the donation is processed the charge will include the donation amount plus the process fee amount.

      – Chris

  • Can the Quantity: field on a Product be figured into the total? On my form, the page is letting parents order a year book — or a few year books, depending on whether they have a couple of kids in that school. It shows only the $1.35 for a single purchase — nothing changes when the Quantity is increased — I’d imagine there would be a “times” component added to the snippet?

    • Hey Steve,

      Yes, you would need to multiple the price by the quantity. In the example above you would change it to something like:

      ( {Product (Price):1.2} * {Product (Quantity):1.3} + .3 ) / (1 – .029) – ( {Product (Price):1.2} * {Product (Quantity):1.3} )

      Hope that helps!

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