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Chatbots with Gravity Forms

  |  by Chris Eggleston

There is a new Gravity Forms add-on available on the market called Gravity Bot, and it’s pretty sweet! This plugin is still in “beta” but it works great, and if you’re interested, you can get your copy here!

This is not a “live chat” solution.

I have seen people confuse the difference between a chatbot and a live chat solution.

chatbot with gravity forms


These are the minimum requirements in order to use GravityBot:


Gravity Bot is the Gravity Forms Powered Chatbot!

Gravity Bot enables you to turn your forms into chatbots so that your users can easily get information, start a support request, generate leads, book appointments, and even buy stuff (to name a few use cases) with an automated assistant (a.k.a chatbot).

You can even use a variety of chatbots on your site at the same time and assign them to different pages.

For example, if you want a support chatbot on the contact us or my account page, but you want a “get started” chatbot on the homepage, you can do that!

The flexibility of using multiple bots at once means you can provide a better user experience and meet your customer where they need you.

Since your chatbot is powered by Gravity Forms, that means you can still use all of your third party integrations.

Getting Started with Templates

Because you might need a little help when getting started, Gravity Bot offers their subscribers a range of ready-to-go templates.

Once you download and import your bot template, you can start modifying it from the form builder, or simply implement it as is.

Currently, they have nine templates:
  • eCommerce Bot
  • Offline Bot
  • Help Bot
  • Qualify Lead Bot
  • Appointment Bot
  • Newsletter Bot
  • User-Registration Bot
  • Update User Bot
  • Blank Template Bot

For A Complete Overview Watch This


  • Easy to use
  • Clean user interface / builder
  • Packed with a ton of features
  • Fair Price


  • Cant hide/close the initial message

Overall Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gravity Bot gets 5 out of 5 stars. There is not another Gravity Forms add-on like this on the market. It is highly unique and extremely beneficial.

If you use or want to implement chatbots on your site, this is a Gravity Forms add-on worth implementing.

Buyers Guide

When purchasing a Gravity Forms add-on you want to look for a couple of important factors.

  1. Never buy an add-on from Code Canyon (envatomarket), even if it’s the only add-on you can find.

In my experience, these purchases are non-refundable as soon as the file has been downloaded. You’re out of luck if the plugin doesn’t work for you.

You can also expect a lesser level of quality both in the product and the support.

Thankfully, you can purchase Gravity Bot directly from the developer!

  1. Make sure the plugin is being maintained and supported, don’t assume that because you are paying for support and updates that you’re going to get them.

In this case, I have personally had a couple of conversations with the developers of Gravity Bot and these guys are great!

They’re working hard to make Gravity Bot the best add-on it can be!

Their documentation is also very detailed and easy to follow. It saved me a few times 😉.

  1. You should also check the refund policy or look for a “no-risk money-back guarantee”, just in case you try the add-on and it’s not a fit for your needs.

In some cases, as soon as the file has been downloaded, you void any refund.

The Price

A Gravity Bot license sells for $59 to $159 per year. Like all plugins you get regular updates and access to support when you have an active license.

The only difference in these licenses is the number of sites supported, 1, 5, Unlimited.

I’ve never been a big fan of this pricing structure, especially when the number of sites is the only variable, but I think the price for the Single Site and Unlimited Sites is fair, I’d probably do away with the 5 Sites license.

Use Case(s)

Just reviewing the available bot templates you can see there are several use cases for Gravity Bot, and you might even have more than one use case for your website.

However, I don’t think you should add a chatbot for the sake of having a chatbot.

Chatbots can be frustrating, especially if the user expects that they can connect with a real person through the chat. However, if you can provide a quality experience your bot can help your customers.

One suggestion I have for any use case, implement the bot in such a way that it helps boost conversions.

For example.

In conversion optimization testing you can expect to see an increase in sales when you offer your customers the option to speak with a support rep during checkout.

You could use a chatbot to address those FAQs that your customers have during checkout to reduce cart abandonment.

Things like refund policy, shipping, discounts, out of stock, and even make it easy for them to connect with a live support representative by displaying a phone number, email address, or link to your support form.

Because Gravity Bot supports using multiple bots at the same time and allows you to control when they are displayed (by page), you can focus your efforts on improving your conversions and user experience at the right time.


Is there a free version of Gravity Bot?

Gravity Bot is a premium plugin and there is no free version. You will need to purchase a license in order to use the plugin.

Does it work with all Gravity Forms add-ons?

Gravity Bot is fully-integrated with Gravity Forms. All official, certified, and community add-ons are supported.

How do I build a Chatbot?

Building a chatbot is relatively straightforward. For specific instructions on building your chatbot please visit the extensive documentation site.

What if I need help?

Gravity Bot provides full support 360 days a year to all active license users. You can easily open a support ticket or read their documentation.


Alternate Solutions

As I previously mentioned, I was unable to find another Gravity Forms add-on that made it possible to use your forms as chatbots.

There are several chatbot solutions on the market that do not require Gravity Forms, but I decided that I would only highlight the ones that have some sort of connection to Gravity Forms.


The free version of the HubSpot chat feature only offers live chat, the paid version does support building chatbots.

I picked this solution because Gravity Forms integrates with HubSpot and HubSpot offers a good all-in-one solution for managing leads.

Check It Out

The Wrap Up

I think most people would agree, they would rather have the ability to do more with a tool they already use and like, as opposed to piling on new software applications that will likely take weeks to figure out.

With Gravity Bot, you get just that, a way to extend the software you’re already using to help you do more.

If you think this can help you improve your customer experience, make more money or just better serve your website visitors, go get your Gravity Bot license today!

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