Create new WooCommerce Products with Gravity Forms

User Question

We recently published an article called, Add WooCommerce products to the cart with Gravity Forms, and as a result, we had a Gravity Forms user ask ‘if it was possible to use Gravity Forms to create a WooCommerce product’.

How to do it

The short answer is yes! And fortunately for everyone, the Wizards over at Gravity Wiz have already created a tutorial on how to accomplish just that.


You can find the step-by-step tutorial here: How to Create WooCommerce Products with Gravity Forms

Need More Help?

If you have an active Gravity Forms license, you can also open a support ticket here. If you have an active Gravity Wiz license, you can open a support ticket here.

If you still need help and Gravity Forms support isn’t an option, feel free to use the comments or chat options below.

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