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Easily Manage Gravity Forms Stripe Subscriptions

  |  by Chris Eggleston

The official Gravity Forms Stripe add-on does not (currently) support managing subscriptions, upgrades or downgrades, and customer data like credit cards. If you use Gravity Forms and Stripe, you will have to do all of that from within the Stripe account, which means your customers can not manage their own subscriptions either.

The good news, I recently came across a third party add-on that works with the official Stripe Add-On to give you and your customers the ability to manage subscriptions and customer details from your website.

Introducing Gravity Stripe Pro

This is the complete feature set included in the Gravity Stripe Pro add-on, as of this writing:

  • Enable Subscriptions Stripe using Gravity Forms
  • Admin initiated subscription cancellation
  • Admin list of active, failed payment, and canceled subscribers
  • A page where subscribers can see details of their subscription
  • Allow subscribers to cancel their subscriptions on their own
  • Allow subscribers to upgrade a subscription on their own (cancels old automatically)
  • Ability for subscribers to update payment card info on their own
  • Auto-cancel subscription if payment fails x number of times
  • Decide if cancellations end the subscription immediately or at the end of the billing cycle
  • Downgrade subscriber role automatically if canceled
  • Issue refunds

You can checkout a plugin demo here.

My Review of Gravity Stripe Pro

This plugin fills a huge need in the community. I know a lot of people have asked for these features to be added to the official Stripe add-on form Gravity Forms. So it should make a ton of people happy. At least and until Gravity Forms upgrades their add-on.

The features added by this plugin will make using Gravity Forms for things like membership sites and selling digital courses easier to manage and has the potential to add more revenue per customer (thanks to the upgrade feature).

One Standout Feature

From an agency standpoint, I like that they have added a “white-label” feature to hide sensitive account information like emails, license key, billing info, etc so that you can use your Unlimited site license on your clients sites.

What I Don’t Like

The UI feels a bit clunky and the design feels a bit half-assed.

Although I appreciate that the plugin uses the Gravity Forms Add-on Framework so that most of the configuration is done with an individual form feed, I think having some global settings in this case would be appropriate.

If you could globally enable features like allowing users to cancel their subscriptions or update their payment method, would be nice.

Let’s Talk Pricing

I understand how it can be to quickly be priced out of a plugin solution because you start getting into add-on charge after add-on charge and by the time you all setup and running you’re $2000/yr in plugin fees for a solution that you thought was only going to cost $259/yr.

In this case, I feel like the pricing is extremely reasonable. Especially when I break down the numbers. For example, at $37/yr, if I’m selling a subscription that cost $59, I’ve paid for this add-on with one sale. And if the add-on makes it easier to upsell my customer to the next level and increase my revenue.

The Wrap Up

I’ve spent a good amount of time playing with this Gravity Forms Stripe add-on and overall I’m impressed and looking forward to using this on a couple of our sites.

I’m also interested in seeing how I can improve my Gravity Forms membership site concept with this add-on.

I’m not aware of any other Gravity Forms add-on that adds Stripe subscription management to the site for both admins and customers, so I would recommend giving this add-on a try, I’m sure you’ll find it useful!

As always if you have any questions, or if you know of another solution, please use the comments below to reach out.

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David Bentley Hurley
1 year ago

Thanks for the write-up. We would love for you to have a look at the latest version. With our integration with the Stripe Portal, subscribers can easily update card information, billing info and more. We will be releasing even more features in the near future like partial refunds when a subscriber cancels.