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Gravity Forms 2.5 – Should you update your site?

  |  by Chris Eggleston

The recent release of Gravity Forms 2.5 has brought with it some issues for many users. However, because 2.5 is a complete rebuild of the plugin, it is expected that there would be unknown incompatibilities.

Should You Update?

You should at least try! But with caution!

Perform a complete site and database backup first. If you don’t have a good backup solution, BlogVault offers a great backup/restore solution.

If you have a staging site, you may want to try the update their first. That will give you time to work with Gravity Forms support to work out any issues that might arise.

Check the Current Version

This is very important. The version available for automatic update, may not be the most current version.

When the Gravity Forms developers release a patch for a known issue, they don’t always push those updates out for automatic update.

In this case you will have to go to the downloads page in your Gravity Forms account to download the latest version and manually update.

When updating manually it is recommended that you follow the instructions here:

Are You Using Any of These Plugins?

This is a short list of plugins that have known compatibility issues with Gravity Forms 2.5 and I’ve seen presenting issues with how forms work and display.

While Gravity Forms can not guarantee compatibility with any third party plugin, there are some changes in 2.5 that are not comparable with optimization plugins such as WP Rocket, that they are working to resolve.

In most cases, resolving the compatibility issues is going to fall on the third party plugin developers to make sure their plugins still work with Gravity Forms.

However, over the past week the Gravity Forms product team has been working hard to release minor update to resolve some of these compatibility issues. Along with a few newly discovered bugs (see the change log section below).

Are These Things Broken After Updating?

There are a few unresolved matters that are known issues to the Gravity Forms team, however in most cases they have a temporary workaround that will enable you to continue to use your forms.

If you are experiencing issues with any of the following, I’d suggest opening a ticket with Gravity Forms support.

  • Confirmation Redirect
  • Conditional logic
  • Total Calculations

Reviewing the Change Logs

Because the product team is hard at work to resolve these known issues it is a good idea to check the Gravity Forms Change Logs a few times a day to know when a new fix has been released so that you can update your site.

The Wrap Up

Any time a product company releases a major update like Gravity Forms 2.5 you can expect there to be issues. Which is why you should always test your updates before rolling them out on a production site.

Feel free to use the chat here if you have any questions or concerns!

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