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Gravity Forms discount code

  |  by Chris Eggleston

You want to purchase Gravity Forms, so you Google “Gravity Forms discount code“, you find a code, but there is nowhere to enter it on the checkout page.

This is by design. Gravity Forms does not use discount codes, they run periodic promotions and those promotions all have a unique URL and the discount code is included in the URL so that it is applied automatically at checkout.

Even if you get one of these codes, you can not redeem it at checkout, and even if you could figure out the URL pattern to have the code applied automatically, it still wouldn’t work. They have a time restriction, so they expire when the promotion ends.

Here’s the secret

If you subscribe to the Gravity Forms newsletter, you will never miss a promotion. This is the best way to stay up to date with their sales.

It used to be that they only ran one promotion a year, during black Friday, but in 2023 they started running all kinds of promotional sales throughout the year.

Get on that list!

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