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Gravity Forms and Download Monitor: Secure Digital Downloads

  |  by Chris Eggleston

There is more than one way to sell digital products with Gravity Forms, but using Gravity Forms and Download Monitor is a sure way to secure your digital products without worry.

There are other download manager plugins, but the great thing about Download Monitor is the Gravity Forms extension. It makes linking secure downloads to your forms easy.

5 Reasons To Use Download Monitor

  1. Easily secure your digital products
  2. The low cost
  3. No URL sharing
  4. Tracking
  5. It’s easy to use


To make this work you will need the four things listed below installed on your site.

Step One: Create Your Download

  • Go to Downloads > Add New
  • Enter Title
  • Upload Your File
  • Fill in any of the other information as desired
  • Click Publish

Step Two: Create Your Form

  • Go to Forms > New Form
  • Select a Template
  • Enter Title
  • Add Your Fields
  • Add the DLM – GF Lock Field (Advanced section)
  • Save Form

Step Three: Link Your Form and Download

  • Go to Downloads > All Downloads
  • Edit Download created in Step One
  • Select Form Created in Step Two in the Gravity Forms Form Meta Box
  • Click Update

Step Four: Using Your Secure Forms

Download Monitor introduces a few ways to use these forms. They have a few shortcodes that we’re going to use, and keep in mind, that you do not use the Gravity Forms shortcode, we’re using the Download Monitor provided shortcodes.

Download Monitor Form Shortcode

This is a short code that you will use to embed the form that we just linked this download to.

[dlm_gf_form download_id=5]

You will replace 5 with your download ID, which can be located from the All Downloads list page or when in the download editor.

Download monitor download ID
Download monitor download ID

Once you have the ID added to the shortcode, you can embed that code anywhere shortcodes are supported. Once embedded your form will be displayed.

You’ll notice that it adds the download text link to the Gravity Forms confirmation message.

You might be concerned that it would be easy for someone to copy the link and share it, but do you remember one of my top 5 reasons for using Download Monitor, No URL Sharing!

This is what happens if you were to copy the URL and share it. It’s pretty sweet!

Download Shortcode – modal

Download Monitor has another shortcode called the download shortcode which can be added anywhere shortcodes are supported and will display a text link, that depending o your settings, when clicked, will either redirect you to a page to fillout the form or present the form in a modal.

This is the what the download shortcode looks like:

[download id=5]

As explained above, you will replace 5 with your download ID, which can be located from the All Downloads list page or when in the download editor (screenshots above).

If you’re not using the modal feature, then you would be redirected to the No Access page to submit the form.

I am demonstrating the modal feature because it is cool and this is how I would implement this because I think it would result in better conversions.

The Wrap Up

There is a very detailed document from the Download Monitor crew that will walk you through step-by-step if you need additional assistance here:

If you need a simple to use, highly reliable, super cool plugin for protecting your downloads, I highly recommend using Download Monitor and the Gravity Forms extension!

As always if you have any questions or need additional assistance, feel free to use the comments below!

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