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Gravity Forms New Form Templates

  |  by Chris Eggleston

Rocketgenius, the company behind the popular drag and drop form builder Gravity Forms, has started offering form templates.

In this article I’ll introduce you to these new templates, show you how to access them and how to get them installed on your site so you can use them.

Why Templates Are Important

Before I jump into the details of this new development. I wanted to talk about the importance if templates and how they are beneficial for you.

More and more things in the WordPress world are evolving and the end result is a easier to use platform for you, the everyday users.

The introduction of the block editor has been one of the biggest advantages to users of the WordPress platform.

As a result, many other WordPress product companies, like Gravity Forms, have been working to make things even easier for the everyday user.

Gravity Forms has always been a pretty easy to use plugin. However, it is a pretty powerful plugin, and building complex forms can be confusing and frustrating.

Hence, the introduction of Templates.

Now, with these prebuilt form templates you can import => publish, and you’re done!

You could also use them as a starting point.

Once you’ve uploaded the form, you can modify them to better fit your specific needs.

Checkout The Gravity Forms Templates!

To demo the forms your self, head on over to the Gravity Forms Template gallery.

Currently there are nine templates available.

They are free to download, but you must have the Gravity Forms plugin installed to use the.

Here’s a list of what form templates are available at the time of this writing.

  • Contact Us
  • Advanced Contact Us
  • Request a Quote
  • Employment Application
  • User Registration
  • Survey
  • Donation
  • eCommerce
  • Event Registration
gravity forms templates

Here is a quick video to show you what a few of the templates look like and how you can preview them before downloading.

How to Download and Install Templates

To be completed honest, this part kinda sucks. Especially if you’re not a real techie person.

To get the templates uploaded to your site, you have to first download the template file to your computer then you have to uploaded through the plugin settings.

I’ve demoed this for you in the video below.

So it’s not that bad of a process, but it would be much nicer if it was built into the plugin interface.

Something like when you click to add a new form it ask if you want to create a blank form or start with a template.

Maybe that is in the works…We can hope!

Here are the Steps Shown in the Video

  1. Go to Template Library
  2. Select the Template you want
  3. Scroll down to the orange button and click it
  4. Your browser will pop up a window asking you to download or save
  5. Login to your WP Admin
  6. Go to the Forms menu
  7. Click on Import/Export
  8. Click on Import Form
  9. Click on Choose Files
  10. Select the form from your download location (step 4 above)
  11. Click on Import
  12. Once imported you can edit/manage your them from your the list of forms

The Wrap Up

I am glad to see Gravity Forms moving in this direction.

Hopefully they will implement these templates into their plugin interface to avoid the need to download and import manually.

Maybe someone will create an add on plugin that will support the ability to add the forms from within the plugin interface?

While there are only nine forms in the library currently, I suspect we will see them add more, and possibly even open it up for the GF community to submit their own forms for use.

If you’re using Gravity Forms these templates will give you a quick start when creating your next form.

If you’re NOT using Gravity Forms, you can download your copy here!

As always, fell free to use the comments or chat if you have questions or need any additional information regarding Gravity Forms.

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