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How do I export a Gravity Form to another website?

  |  by Chris Eggleston

You can easily export and import a form template as explained in the docs below, keep in mind you will need to have Gravity Forms set up on both sites.

The only issue with this approach, the export/import will not move the form entries or the feeds with the form template.

If you want to move the form, the entries, and all settings you would need to migrate the forms using a migration plugin or manually exporting and importing the database tables.

You can use the doc below to help you locate the necessary Gravity Forms tables:

If you want to use a migration plugin, I recommend using one of these, they offer the ability to control the tables and files that are migrated:

If you prefer to use the default export/import option, you can use this add-on to not only migrate the form files but also the form entries, you would still need to recreate any feeds in use on your forms.

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