How to Switch from WPForms to Gravity Forms


If you’ve been using WPForms and you’re ready to convert to Gravity Forms, but don’t want to lose your form entries and because working from two form plugins will suck, you need to migrate your forms to Gravity Forms

How To Fix It

To migrate your WPForms and form data to Gravity Forms you need two things.

  1. Gravity Forms Import Entires Add-On

This add-on is where all the magic happens and is absolutely required because out of the box Gravity Forms does not support importing entires.

  1. This step-by-step tutorial: How to Migrate From WPForms to Gravity Forms (Complete Guide)

Why this tutorial? It is a step-by-step how-to created by the plugin developer, so it’s pretty damn good!

Need More Help?

If you still need help, feel free to use the comments or chat options below.

If you have an active Gravity Forms license, you can also open a support ticket here.

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