PaymentIntent status: is invalid – Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On



When processing transactions with the Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On you get the PaymentIntent status: is invalid error.

How To Fix It

This can happen when you try to submit the form with an amount less than the minimum required by Minimum and maximum charge amounts ($0.50 USD).

This is most commonly the issue when testing your form in live mode and trying to process 10 cents. It can also happen if you use a product with a quantity field. If the quantity is left empty and the total is zero dollars you will see this error.

It can also happen if you are not using a Product Field from the Pricing Fields section within your form.

In a lot of cases you might want to allow your users to enter their own amount, in which case you might use a Numbers field. This will result in the PaymentIntent error.

To fix this, you must use a Product field from the Pricing Fields Section. The Product field has a Field Type “User Defined Price” which you can use instead of the Numbers field.

Need More Help?

If you still need help, feel free to use the comments or chat options below.

If you have an active Gravity Forms license, you can also open a support ticket here.

  • If the product field is set to single product with a set price what do you think could be causing the error to happen?

    • Do you have a total field in your form? If so does the total field reflect the product price?

      If you’d like to provide a link to your form I can take a look and see if anything stands out.


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