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Tutorial: Setting Up the Gravity Forms Stripe Add-on

  |  by Chris Eggleston

This tutorial will take you through, step-by-step, the process for installing and setting up the Gravity Forms Stripe Add-on.


Installing and Activating Stripe

  1. Go to Forms => Add-Ons
  2. Locate Stripe
  3. Click “Install
  4. Click “Activate Plugin

The Stripe Settings

Connecting Gravity Forms to your Stripe account.

  1. Go to Forms => Settings => Stripe

Part 1: Selecting Your Mode and Connect to Stripe

  1. Click “Test
  2. Click “Connect with Stripe
  1. If you’re not logged in, Click “Sign in” top right of screen and enter your credentials
  2. Select the account you want to connect with
  3. Click “Connect my Stripe account

Once you are redirected back to the Stripe Settings page. You should see “Connected to Stripe as your account name  as well as a Disconnect button.

Note: You will need repeat steps for 1-5 to also connect the “Live” mode.

Part 2: Creating Your Webhooks

  1. Click “View Instructions
  2. Copy the provided URL
  3. Click the link provided in the popup instructions
  1. Toggle on “View test data

Note: Only complete this step when setting up the Test Mode

  1. Click “Add endpoint
  2. Past URL into “Endpoint URL” field
  3. Set Version to “Latest API Version
  4. Click “receive all events
  5. Click “Add endpoint
  1. Back in the Stripe add-on settings, you will need to check the box, “I have enabled the Gravity Forms webhook URL in my Stripe account.”

Part 3: Choosing Your Payment Collection Method

You can either allow users to enter their credit card details on your site within your form, “Stripe Credit Card Field (Elements, SCA-ready)“, or you can choose to have your customers redirected to a Stripe hosted page to enter their credit card details and complete their purchase, “Stripe Payment Form (Stripe Checkout, SCA-ready)“.

  1. Final step. Click “Save Settings

Next Steps

Now that your Stripe account is connected and setup, you can move on to the next step of creating a Stripe compatible form, and / or add a Stripe feed to one of your existing forms.

For additional assistance or questions, please use the comments below.

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