Using Merge Tags in Form Fields


You want to pass the data collected in one field to another field in the same form. For example, if you want to display the user’s Name from the First Name field in an HTML field or in a read-only field throughout the form to make it more personal.

How To Fix It

Out of the box Gravity Forms does not support using merge tags in form fields. By default, merge tags are not available until after the form is submitted and the entry is created.

There are a couple of third-party plugins that will add support for using merge tags in form fields before the form is submitted.

Disclaimer: The Merge Tags in HTML Fields plugin, has not been updated in 2+ months (post updated 9/29), but I have tested it and it still works.

Need More Help?

If you still need help, feel free to use the comments or chat options below.

If you have an active Gravity Forms license, you can also open a support ticket here.

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