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Gravity Forms Work Hours Custom Field Add-on

This powerful add-on enhances Gravity Forms by introducing a specialized custom field designed for accurate and efficient work hour tracking.

Optimize your form submissions with precise work hour entries using the Gravity Forms Work Hours Custom Field Premium Add-On. This powerful add-on enhances Gravity Forms by introducing a specialized custom field designed for accurate and efficient work hour tracking.

Key Features:

Custom Work Hours Field: Add a dedicated work hours field to your forms, allowing users to input their work hours with ease and precision.

Flexible Input Options: Support various input formats, including start and end times, total hours worked, or specific time blocks, providing flexibility to suit different use cases.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive and easy-to-use interface for both administrators and users, ensuring a seamless experience when entering and managing work hours.

Conditional Logic Integration: Leverage Gravity Forms’ conditional logic to dynamically display or hide the work hours field based on user responses, enhancing form interactivity and relevance.

Advanced Validation: Ensure data accuracy with built-in validation rules that check for correct time formats and logical hour entries, reducing errors and inconsistencies.

Calculation Capabilities: Automatically calculate total hours worked based on user inputs, simplifying the process of tracking and reporting work hours.

Customizable Settings: Tailor the work hours field to match your specific needs, including custom labels, instructions, and validation messages.

Reporting and Exporting: Generate detailed reports and export work hour data for further analysis, making it easy to manage and review employee or contractor hours.

Seamless Integration: Integrate seamlessly with existing Gravity Forms and other add-ons, ensuring compatibility and enhancing the functionality of your forms.

Responsive Design: The work hours field is fully responsive, ensuring it looks great and functions perfectly on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

Developer-Friendly: Utilize hooks and filters for advanced customization and integration, providing developers with the tools they need to extend and tailor the add-on to specific requirements.

Use Cases:

Employee Timesheets: Streamline employee timesheet submissions by providing an easy-to-use work hours field, ensuring accurate and consistent time tracking.

Freelancer Billing: Allow freelancers to submit detailed work hours for billing purposes, making it easier to manage invoices and payments.

Project Management: Track work hours for specific projects, helping project managers monitor progress and allocate resources effectively.

Service Scheduling: Enable service providers to log hours worked for various clients or tasks, ensuring accurate record-keeping and reporting.

The Gravity Forms Work Hours Custom Field Premium Add-On by Gravity Extra is the ideal solution for businesses and organizations that need precise and efficient work hour tracking. Enhance your forms, improve data accuracy, and streamline your workflow with this essential Gravity Forms add-on.