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Gravity Forms One-Click Upsell?

  |  by Chris Eggleston

I was browsing YouTube looking for some cool stuff you can do with Gravity Forms when I found this video, Gravity Forms One-Click Upsell in WordPress, and I was pumped…

That is until I watched it.

order form bump upsell

Don’t get me wrong, what Mike demonstrates in this video is cool, but it’s not a one-click upsell!

What is a One-Click Upsell?

In a sales funnel or sales process, a one-click upsell is when you present the buyer with another offer (usually related to the thing they just purchased) after they have already completed the checkout.

The “one-click” part is the ability to click a button to add another charge to the card previously used during the initial checkout. Avoiding the hassle of the buyer having to reenter their credit card details.

Samcart one click upsell

If Mike’s video isn’t a one-click upsell, what is it?

It’s an Order Form Bump

It’s true that an order form bump is technically an upsell and can be added to the order with one click, but it is not a one-click upsell.

The order form bump is part of the initial checkout, it’s added to the order before the buyer enters their credit card information.

As demonstrated in the video at second 53.

order form bump in gravity forms

I also wrote a tutorial titled How to Create Multi-Step Sales Funnel Order Forms in Gravity Forms and in that tutorial I provided the code and steps necessary for adding one of these order forms bumps to your Gravity Forms built form.

And in that same article, for an added bonus, to really spruce up your forms, I provide a way to add an Order Summary to the form, as shown below:

Go check it out!

Can you do a one-click upsell in Gravity Forms?

The short answer is no.

When you use Gravity Forms with the payment add-ons, Gravity does not store any of the credit card information, it is all handled via payment processors API.

This is what you want, it reduces your liability and risk allowing the payment processors to do what they’re good at, securing customers private data.

For this to work with Gravity Forms, you would need to store that data locally, even if it was temporarily, in some sort of a cookie or session, which would allow the user to click a single button on another page after the initial transaction was captured and run a second transaction without entering the card details again.

You might be wondering why companies like Click Funnels, SamCart, and Kartra are able to do these types of one-click upsells, and I don’t know for sure.

But I suspect it has something to do with the fact that those solutions are all hosted solutions where they are building massive security protocols to be able to do so.

With WordPress, everyone uses different hosting solutions, some not so great, others pretty damn great, but still, none of them usually offer the type of transactional security you would need to handle this functionality.

It would be cool if some awesome Gravity Forms-loving developer could come up with a solution that would make this possible, regardless of who’s hosting the site.

The Wrap Up

While the video title is a little misleading, I still think it is a great demonstration and would recommend that you give it a watch, see below.

You should try adding order form bumps to your sales forms and see how much it increases your cart value.

Paykickstart found in one case study, where they tested an order bump feature and they found that it can increase conversions by 61.53%!

Try it, I dear you 😉.

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