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Premium GF Klaviyo Integration

Integrate GravityForms with Klaviyo with ease and amazing features

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Drip Email Campaigns

Integrates Gravity Forms with personalized Email Marketing tool Drip.

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Uploads as Attachments

This plugin adds an option to notifications to add files uploaded to fileupload fields as attachment to that specific notification

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Integrates Gravity Forms with ConvertKit allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your ConvertKit account.

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Gravity Forms Sendy Addon lets you subscribe users using gravity forms. Create unlimited number of subscribe forms and begin growing your mailing lists.

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Gravity Forms PGP Mail is an encryption add-on that allows you to receive encrypted email notifications from your users. Your users do not need any specific setup. The author of this add-on has also published a PGP keypair generator.

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Upload to Email Attachment

This add-on enables you to tick a checkbox in the notifications area to specify whether or not you want a file attached to an email. If multiple files you are then able to have it attempt to zip before sending too.

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Integrates Mailster Newsletter Plugin with Gravity Forms to subscribe users with a Gravity Form.

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Send entries to MailPoet

Send your Gravity Forms entries to MailPoet.

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As users fill in your Gravity Forms plugin form and the subscribe checkbox is checked, their email address and other chosen fields are subscribed as you configured it.

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