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Gravity Forms Word Count Validator Field Add-on

Add the word count validator to the form fields easily.

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Gravity Forms Popup Validation Message Add-on

Add the ability to display validation/thank you message in a nice design popup for any form easily

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Gravity Pre-submission Confirmation

This is an easy way to add a quick pre-submission confirmation page to your forms where users can preview the information entered in the form before they submit it.

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Real Time Validation

This plugin ensures that users get feedback in each field as they type even before the form is submitted. Specific validation messages are shown to the user to help him quickly rectify the mistakes.

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Javascript Validation

Enable front-end javascript validation to Gravity Forms.

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Gravity Forms PGP Mail is an encryption add-on that allows you to receive encrypted email notifications from your users. Your users do not need any specific setup. The author of this add-on has also published a PGP keypair generator.

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Disable Submit

One of the most common UX issues we see in interfaces these days are buttons/input[type=”submit”] that don’t change state once clicked and activated. This leads to many double-charges on credit cards, double signups, and frustration. This tiny Gravity Forms Add-on simply disables the button by applying “disabled” CSS via jQuery once clicked.

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The Gravity Forms Signature Add-On by Approve Me allows you to capture court recognized signatures immediately after a user submits a Gravity Form by either emailing or redirecting the users that recently filled out your gravityform to a unique contract or agreement made specific for that user, requiring them to draw (or type) their electronic signature using a touchscreen device, touch pads or even a mouse. UETA/ESIGN  compliant.

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IBAN Validation

Add IBAN validation to your Gravity Forms. This add-on provides user input validation to check for valid IBAN account numbers.

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Price Range

The Price Range add-on lets you specify a minimum and maximum price range for user defined price product fields. On form submit, this add-on enforces the minimum/maximum price range and returns a validation error if the user defined price is outside of the specified price range.

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