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Bulk Actions

Duplicate & delete fields, copy them to another form, bulk edit their labels, css classes and required settings quicker than ever before.

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Image Choices

Image Choices lets you add images to radio buttons or checkboxes, allowing you to let your users choose between images with Gravity Forms. This add-on supports survey, poll, quiz, product and options fields. There´s a demo on the Jetsloth site. Sloth bundle also includes Bulk Actions, Collapsible Sections, Color Picker and Bulk Add Fields)

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Collapsible Sections

Collapsible Sections for Gravity Forms improves how users interact with large Gravity Forms. Make long forms easier to navigate by grouping them into collapsible, accordion-style, sections. The bundled license also includes Bulk Actions, Image Choices, Color Picker and Bulk Add Fields)

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Bulk Add Fields

Bulk add fields, improves how you add fields to new and existing Gravity Forms. Select the field you want to add, edit the field labels and finish up by changing the field order through drag ‘n drop.

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Color Picker

The  Color Picker add-on is based on JetSloth’s Image Choices add-on. This field works by setting a ‘use colors’ option when adding checkbox or radio based fields. This add-on supports radio fields, checkbox fields and single text line fields. There are a number of layout options available (see below), and there are options to customize this field through css. The bundle license also includes Collapsible Sections, Image Choices, Bulk Actions and Bulk Add Fields.

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Create and style tooltips for your form fields and labels. Global tooltip settings include adjustment of the color, size and position. The styling can be adjusted for specific forms. You can add specific content for each form field, including images such as animated GIF’s. This plugins works work with all Gravity Forms field types, including other Jetsloth plugins like color picker, image choices and collapsible sections. The bundled license includes Image Choices, Bulk Actions, Collapsible Sections, Color Picker and Bulk Add Fields.

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