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Gravity Pre-submission Confirmation

This is an easy way to add a quick pre-submission confirmation page to your forms where users can preview the information entered in the form before they submit it.

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It has never been faster or easier to edit Gravity Forms entries.

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Gravity Flow

Gravity Flow is a form-based workflow platform for WordPress based on Gravity Forms which allows users to implement complex workflow processes quickly and easily using simple drag and drop configuration.

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Renders a button which will load a form. Supports multiple forms both in admin and in the front-end.

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Multiple Form Instances

Allows multiple instances of the same form to be run on a single page. This is the GitHub version of the Multiple Forms Instances plugin at the plugin repository. The code hasn’t been maintained for a couple of years.

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Use Gravity Forms to automatically create cards in Trello. Each form entry will generate a card will in Trello.

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Capturing Leads in LeadSquared

Many companies use Gravity forms on their WordPress sites to capture leads. We provide an integration with Gravity form to get these leads into LeadSquared.

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Bulk Actions

Duplicate & delete fields, copy them to another form, bulk edit their labels, css classes and required settings quicker than ever before.

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Entry Automation

Automate common entry clean up actions including deletion and export.

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Disable Submit

One of the most common UX issues we see in interfaces these days are buttons/input[type=”submit”] that don’t change state once clicked and activated. This leads to many double-charges on credit cards, double signups, and frustration. This tiny Gravity Forms Add-on simply disables the button by applying “disabled” CSS via jQuery once clicked.

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