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Gravity PDF

Transform your Gravity Forms submissions into professional, customizable PDFs with the Gravity Forms PDF Extended plugin. This robust and versatile plugin allows you to automatically generate and manage PDFs from form submissions, offering a powerful solution for document creation and management directly within your WordPress site. Key Features: •Automatic PDF Generation: Seamlessly create PDF documents from Gravity Forms submissions, ensuring a streamlined workflow for managing form data. •Customizable Templates: Use the intuitive template system to design and customize PDFs to match your brand, including logos, fonts, and styles. •Conditional Logic: Apply conditional logic to your PDF templates, generating dynamic content ...

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Fillable PDFs

This plugin lets you generate PDFs from form submissions. This allows you to populate, for instance, applications, contracts, etc. It´s also possible to import existing fillable PDFs to generate new Gravity Forms forms.

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CSV/PDF Reports

Generate online or PDF reports from entries submitted through Gravity Forms, or send entries as a scheduled CSV file.

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PDF, Excel & CSV

This plugin facilitates administrators to generate PDF’s, Excel and CSV files based on submitted form data. The generated files may be downloaded or sent by e-mail. The plugin supports all fields available in Gravity Forms and comes with some interesting options, such as: password security, right-to-left (RTL) support, various paper sizes and landscape/portrait orientation.

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PDF Builder

This plugin allows you to design your own PDF’s based on Gravity Forms entry data. The plugin comes with a drag and drop builder.

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