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Gravity PDF

Transform your Gravity Forms submissions into professional, customizable PDFs with the Gravity Forms PDF Extended plugin. This robust and versatile plugin allows you to automatically generate and manage PDFs from form submissions, offering a powerful solution for document creation and management directly within your WordPress site. Key Features: •Automatic PDF Generation: Seamlessly create PDF documents from Gravity Forms submissions, ensuring a streamlined workflow for managing form data. •Customizable Templates: Use the intuitive template system to design and customize PDFs to match your brand, including logos, fonts, and styles. •Conditional Logic: Apply conditional logic to your PDF templates, generating dynamic content ...

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Digest Bulk Reports

Generates bulk reports for submitted form entries and e-mails these as a digest to specific addresses.

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Sliced Invoices

Create an invoice or quote request form using Gravity Forms. Each form entry then creates a quote (or an invoice) using the Sliced Invoices plugin.

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Entry Automation

Automate common entry clean up actions including deletion and export.

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Fillable PDFs

This plugin lets you generate PDFs from form submissions. This allows you to populate, for instance, applications, contracts, etc. It´s also possible to import existing fillable PDFs to generate new Gravity Forms forms.

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Schedule Entries Export

With this add-on for Gravity Forms you can export entries to a CSV file and/or sends the file to email address(es) on a schedule.

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Word Documents

Use Gravity Forms to generate templated Microsoft Word documents. Easily generate Word documents based on Microsoft Word template files and Gravity Forms feeds. This add-on allows you to attach the generared documents to your email notifications.

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QR Code

Generate QR Codes of entry field data and attach the generated QR code to confirmation and notification emails.

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CSV/PDF Reports

Generate online or PDF reports from entries submitted through Gravity Forms, or send entries as a scheduled CSV file.

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Entries in Excel

Get realtime entries from Gravity Forms in Excel using a unique and secure url. The url can be used without login. Copy the Entries to Excel URL for the form you’re interested in, and use it or distribute it to download the file.

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