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Premium GF UK Postcode Lookup Add-on

Add the ability to lookup for UK address by UK Postcode easily with the default GF Address field.

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Premium GF Auto Populate Country/State/City/Ward

Add an auto populate field for Country/State/City/Ward easily!

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GravityView is a view builder for Gravity Forms entries. Views can be shown as lists, tables, (jQuery) datatables and Google Maps. Your users are able to search and sort the displayed entries and you can notify users when entries change. Included in de extension licenses are  DIY Layout, Import Entries, Entry Revisions, Maps, Math and Inline Edit.

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Gravity Geolocation

Gravity Forms Geolocation is a complete Geolocation solution for Gravity Forms plugin. Using Gravity Forms Geolocation add-on you can add Geolocation to posts created from the front end using Gravity Forms. Your users can drop a pin on a map to provide easy address autocompletion.

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Address Autocomplete

Use Google Places API to provide autocomplete functionality to address fields in Gravity Forms. This add-on lets you turn a regular text field to and address-autocomplete field. You can use it on as many fields as required. It is possible to limit the results to specific countries.

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Autocomplete Fields

Configure autocomplete attributes on Gravity Forms’ inputs.

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Maps View

Display entries in a Map View, where entries are displayed as “pins” on a map, like on Also, add map widgets and fields to all GravityView layouts.

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Address Google Autocomplete

Address Google Autocomplete allows users to address autocomplete both Address- and Single Line Text fields. The add-on will autocomplete remaining fields (such as Zip code, city, country etc.) automatically.

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