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Address Google Autocomplete

Address Google Autocomplete allows users to address autocomplete both Address- and Single Line Text fields. The add-on will autocomplete remaining fields (such as Zip code, city, country etc.) automatically.

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Google Spreadsheet

Google Sheet is a connector add-on that helps you to send Gravity Forms data to Google Spreadsheets on form submission. Connect each, individual, Gravity Form with it’s own Google Spreadsheet to manage data.

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Google Cloud Printers

This Add-on will help you to connect Gravity Forms with Google Cloud and if you have any printer connected with Google Cloud then it will automatically make a printout.

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Preview Submission

Preview is a Gravity Forms addon that allows users to see the live preview of their form data before they submit the form on your site. There is a demo available over at the GravityMore website.

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Gravity Forms Import Entries

Gravity Forms Import Entries add-on is Gravity Forms extension that allows the admin to import data from a CSV file to the entries section of the Gravity Form.

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Google Speadsheet

Gravity Forms with Google Sheets connector is a WordPress Add-on that helps you to send Gravity Forms data on Google Spreadsheet, once user submits the form.

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Restrict Dates

Gravity Forms Restrict dates is a Gravity Forms add-on that allows users to restrict the selectable dates in your form date picker field.

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Facebook Gallery Images

Gravity Forms Facebook Gallery Images allows the user to access their FB images on Gravity forms, so it helps user to attach their Facebook images on Gravity Forms.

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Smart Uploads

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads gives your users the power to preview their files before uploading them. There is a smart upload option for pictures where users can edit, crop, and rotate the file directly from the front-end.

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Payeezy payment gateway with Gravity Forms is an extension of gravity form that helps you to collect one-time payment and subscription payment using Gravity forms.

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