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Import Entries

Mass import entries into Gravity Forms. With this plug-in by Gravity View you can bulk import data from a CSV file. CSV (comma separated value) files are text files that can be created manually or by exporting your data from Excel. The add-on let’s you map the CSV data columns to Gravity Forms’ fields. This mapped data can then be imported to create new Gravity Forms entries.

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Media Library

Media Library adds the ability to Gravity Forms to automatically import uploads, such as images and documents, to the WordPress Media Library.

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FormSync resolves manual form migrations by Git-ifying and syncing your forms across local, staging, and production environments. Update your forms locally, push JSON files to git repo, and synchronize.

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Gravity Forms Import Entries

Gravity Forms Import Entries add-on is Gravity Forms extension that allows the admin to import data from a CSV file to the entries section of the Gravity Form.

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GravityForms Google Sheet Connector

GravityForms Google Sheet connector is a powerful and flexible connector bridge between WordPress Gravity Forms and Google Sheet without the high costs.

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