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Gravity Perks

Gravity Perks allows you to install and manage enhancements (aka “perks”) for Gravity Forms. This is not an add-on in itself, but a suite of add-ons. The available perks enhance various aspects of Gravity Forms.

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Custom Post Types

Map your Gravity-Forms-generated posts to a custom post type and/or custom taxonomies.

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Easy Passthrough

Easily transfer entry values from one Gravity Forms form to another.

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Populate Anything

Populate Anything is a Gravity Wiz perk. This perk allows you to use posts, users, taxonomies, terms, entries, and databases to dynamically filter and populate fields. Filtering is based on the values entered/selected in other fields. This allows you to conditionally populate fields with dynamic data as the user interacts with the form. Users can populate a Gravity Form field choice or value with any data captured in Google Sheets.

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Post Content Merge Tags

Post Content Merge Tags adds the ability to use Gravity Forms merge tags in your WordPress post content.

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Nested Forms

This is a repeater add-on: it lets you create forms within forms (nested forms). It also allows you to create repeat fields; there’s a nice “add members to your team” demo on the Gravity Wiz website.

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Reload Form

Reload Form lets you reload a form after submit. Basically you have two choices in how you set up this functionality:

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Limit Submissions

Limit submissions lets you configure who, what, when, from where and how often your form can be submitted. Create complex submission limits based on the submitting user, their role or IP address, any field value submitted on the form, or the page from which the form was submitted.

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Read Only

Read Only lets you configure form fields to be set as read only. These fields will be visible but not editable. A use case might be a paragraph field containing your terms of service.

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Blocklist lets you validate a field’s value against WordPress’ disallowed comment keywords. This option can be set for a single field, multiple fields or all fields in a form. If the field validation fails, it will display an error to the user stating that the input contains blacklisted words.

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