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Gravity Forms Zero Dollar Total Issue Resolved

  |  by Chris Eggleston


When using Gravity Forms to collect payments for products or services, you might occasionally want to offer discounts that result in a $0 total, but here is where the problem lies.

When you have a zero-dollar total, payment add-ons like Stripe, PayPal, and Square will not be able to process $0 so you won’t be able to submit the form.

Stripe payment failed

To get past this, you would need to use conditional logic to hide the credit card field and bypass the payment feed.

Here’s the problem with that, Gravity Forms does not support using the Total field as a conditional rule, so you need to use a different field as the conditional logic rule.

Depending on the complexity of your form, this could be difficult to do. Until now!


There are four possible solutions to this problem that I was able to come up with, and I will list those solutions below, but there is one solution that will work in all situations, and that is the one I want to highlight here.

I will add that if you have a very simple form and your customers are reaching a zero-dollar total by using a single coupon code, you could hide the credit card field and payment feed based on the coupon code.

If you’re setup is a bit more complex you’ll want to keep reading.

The Copy Cat Add-On

As I stated above you can not use the Total field as a conditional rule so we need to use another field, but we need that field to reflect the form total so that we know when it is at $0.

The Copy Cat Add-On will do just that, it will copy the value of the Total field into another field. In this case, I would recommend using a Numbers field.

The add-on is well documented, so I am only going to demonstrate how to set this up and show you how works.

The Other Solutions

The Copy Cat add-on should work for all situations, however, these other options are also add-ons from Gravity Wiz, but they each have unique functionalities that might be better suited for some use cases.

Conditional Pricing Add-On

This is another add-on from Gravity Wiz called Conditional Pricing, which might not be the best solution for everyone, but if you want more flexibility it’s worth considering.

eCommerce Fields Add-On

Yes, this is another add-on from Gravity Wiz called eCommerce Fields, which adds three additional fields to the editor, Subtotal, Discount, and Tax.

Like the Conditional Pricing option, this one is not for everyone or every situation, but there might be a fit for someone so I thought I’d make it available.

The Wrap up

There are probably more than the four ways mentioned above to fix the Gravity Forms zero-dollar total issue, but also as mentioned the simplest solution is using the Copy Cat add-on, it will work in all situations and is the easiest to configure.


If you still need help, feel free to use the comments or chat options below.

If you have an active Gravity Forms license, you can also open a support ticket here.

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