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Advanced Conditional Logic

Create multiple groups of conditional logic per form field. This plugin was created by one of the Gravity Wiz developers.

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Populate Anything

Populate Anything is a Gravity Wiz perk. This perk allows you to use posts, users, taxonomies, terms, entries, and databases to dynamically filter and populate fields. Filtering is based on the values entered/selected in other fields. This allows you to conditionally populate fields with dynamic data as the user interacts with the form. Users can populate a Gravity Form field choice or value with any data captured in Google Sheets.

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Conditional Pricing

Conditional Pricing lets you create pricing levels for Gravity Form product fields. Pricing levels consist of a price and a set of pricing rules. The rules determine which pricing level should be used for a Product field’s price. Pricing rules work like Gravity Forms’ conditional logic: instead of showing/hiding a field, pricing rules determine which pricing level will be used for the price of a Product field.

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Conditional Logic Dates

Conditional Logic Dates adds the option to Gravity Forms to conditionally show or hide fields based on the selected date in a Datepicker Date field.

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Custom Entry Limit

Custom Entry Limit extends Gravity Forms by adding options for custom limitations on the number of entries of a form.

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Dynamic Population Pro

This plugin allows your to dynamically populate dropdown field with WordPress data like users, custom post types and taxonomies. It is also possible to populate drowdowns with entry data from other forms and data from your WordPress database tables. Provides the option to conditionally load data from different sources.

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To Brevo (Sendinblue)

With this plugin, people who submit your forms will be automatically added to the Sendinblue list of your choice, allow you to reengage them later with helpful emails or great newsletters. Send one form to multiple lists, map your fields, add filters and conditions, activate double opt-in (or not).

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