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File Upload Pro

File Upload Pro enhances your File Upload fields with image previews, modern icons for non-image file types, and support for zooming and cropping.

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This plugin provides robust inventory management for Gravity Forms. Use this when selling products or tickets or when creating bookable resources like events, appointments, and reservations!

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Address Autocomplete

This plugin integrates the Google Places Autocomplete API with Gravity Forms Address fields. You only need to provide an API key and enable one setting.

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PayFlexi Installments Payment

The PayFlexi installments payment plans add-on for Gravity Forms is a payment option that lets your customers to spread the amount of payment into several installments.

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Rcwd Sendinblue for Gravity Forms

Connect with a Sendinblue account and register the user to your mailing list after a form is submitted.

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OpenAI / ChatGPT

OpenAI is a Gravity Wiz perk. This perk (or add-on) integrates OpenAI with Gravity Forms. It allows you to send prompts, constructed from your form data, to OpenAI and capture its responses alongside the form submission. You can also utilize the artificial intelligence to edit submitted data for grammar, spelling and word substitutions. You can also do full rewrites for readability or tone and moderate submissions and flag, block, or spam undesirable content.

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To Notion

With this plugin you are able to send entries from your Gravity Forms directly to Notion. You can send the data to the Notion database of your choice. You can map fields and colums and add filters and conditions.

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To Airtable

With this plugin you can add and manage data submitted through Gravity Forms directly in Airtable. You can send data to the table and database of your choice, mapping fields and colums and add filters and conditions.

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To Brevo (Sendinblue)

With this plugin, people who submit your forms will be automatically added to the Sendinblue list of your choice, allow you to reengage them later with helpful emails or great newsletters. Send one form to multiple lists, map your fields, add filters and conditions, activate double opt-in (or not).

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To SendGrid

This plugin connects your Gravity Forms to SendGrid. This WP connect plugin allows you to link form fields to SendGrid attributes. From the submitted form data, a contact is generated or updated in the defined list (or multiple lists) with the appropriate, mapped, attributes.

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