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User Registration Enhanced

The Gravity Forms User Registration Enhanced plugin now allows you to use the same form for both creating a new WordPress user and updating a current WordPress user on the front-end of your site.

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Stripe integration

Accept one-time and recurring subscription payments through Stripe with Gravity Forms.

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This plugin allows you to connect Gravity Forms with Podio. See this video for a detailed explanation.

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Multi-Currency Selector

This plugin adds multi-currency support to Gravity Forms. Configure prices in different currencies for individual forms. Available currencies are based on Open Exchange Rates.

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Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Track successful payment form submissions with Google Analytics.

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Dynamic Population Pro

This plugin allows your to dynamically populate dropdown field with WordPress data like users, custom post types and taxonomies. It is also possible to populate drowdowns with entry data from other forms and data from your WordPress database tables. Provides the option to conditionally load data from different sources.

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Limit Date Range

Limit the date range of a Gravity Forms datepicker or dropdown date field by setting a minimum and maximum allowed date.

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Submissions to third-party API

Export your data to external services through their API’s.

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