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Limit Dates

Limit Dates lets you limit selectable dates from Gravity Forms Datepicker fields. It is possible to configure a minimum date, a maximum date, days of the week and exceptions to the rule.

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Conditional Logic Dates

Conditional Logic Dates adds the option to Gravity Forms to conditionally show or hide fields based on the selected date in a Datepicker Date field.

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Schedule appointments within Gravity Forms. This add-on lets your customers select their preferred date and time from your appointment calendar. The add-on can be color customized.

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Restrict Dates

Gravity Forms Restrict dates is a Gravity Forms add-on that allows users to restrict the selectable dates in your form date picker field.

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Limit Date Range

Limit the date range of a Gravity Forms datepicker or dropdown date field by setting a minimum and maximum allowed date.

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Bookings for Gravity Forms is an appointment and scheduling solution. This premium plugin allows your clients to schedule appointments. The plugin is aimed at any business that relies on an appointment calendar.

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Date Time Calculator

This plugin allows the use of Date and Time fields in Gravity Forms calculations. With it, you can create complex calculations based on combinations of Date, Time and Number fields. Calculations can be used in any field that normally supports calculations, allowing you to build forms with flexible time-based pricing, track days and hours, determine the age of a customer based on their birth date, and any other calculation related to date and time.

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