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Count, filter and display total number of Gravity Forms entries or the total of a number field for multiple entries.

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List Field Calculations

A simple add-on to enable the use of List fields in calculations.

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Adds exponent support for calculations in number fields.

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Perform calculations based on all entries in a Gravity Forms form. Note: Gravity Forms collects tons of diverse data, so your use case may not match these examples: display the number of entries in a form, get the average of field values or reveal the highest field value.

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Word Count

Word Count lets you set a limit on the number of words a user can submit. Supported fields are Single Line, Paragraph and Post Body fields. Both minimum and a maximum amounts are supported.

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Autofill List Row Count

Autofill List Row Count extends Gravity Forms by adding an option to autofill the rowcount of a list to another field (number, single product, or quantity) in your form.

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Date Time Calculator

This plugin allows the use of Date and Time fields in Gravity Forms calculations. With it, you can create complex calculations based on combinations of Date, Time and Number fields. Calculations can be used in any field that normally supports calculations, allowing you to build forms with flexible time-based pricing, track days and hours, determine the age of a customer based on their birth date, and any other calculation related to date and time.

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